A.P. Jafar's unwavering commitment and strong focus on renewable energy, green farming, and sustainable infrastructure have changed the way we think about eco-friendly projects.In a world dealing with ongoing environmental challenges, some people truly stand out for their strong commitment to a greener planet. A.P. Jafar is one such visionary who has devoted his life to the dream of a more eco-friendly future. As the founder and chairman of several companies, Jafar has taken the lead in championing initiatives that promote renewable energy, green farming, and sustainable infrastructure. At the core of Jafar's mission is a profound desire to transform our planet into a greener and more sustainable haven. Summing up his vision is his mantra, "We are a densely populated place, so use more renewable energy to conserve the planet". Guided by his dream, he embarked on a journey aimed at transforming the renewable energy landscape in India. The path to success is rarely smooth, and Kerala, the starting point of Jafar's journey, posed its own set of challenges with intense competition making expansion an uphill task. However, a pivotal moment unfolded during his visit to China in 2017. Exploring Guangzhou, a city emblematic of transformation, stirred a newfound inspiration. Witnessing the remarkable achievements in China ignited a belief within him if the Chinese could accomplish such feats, so could he. Jafar's ventures are broad and impactful. He established GO EC Autotech Pvt Ltd, a network of EV charging stations in India, promoting the widespread use of electric vehicles. Through CoazaDPower On Pvt Ltd, his green energy company, he focuses on large wind turbines and hydro projects, tapping into nature's power for sustainable energy generation. Vayu One Power On Pvt Ltd further underscores his dedication to renewable energy sources.In the construction industry, he initiated Team Azad Builtech LLP, which has erected numerous structures, including high-rise buildings, convention centres, hospitals, and apartments in Kerala. This company not only generates numerous job opportunities for both Keralites and non-Keralites but also indirectly supports many small-scale business owners. Undoubtedly, this initiative contributes significantly to our state's revenue through taxes.

Jafar's vision goes beyond energy he founded Valley Green Developers Pvt Ltd to champion green farming and sustainable land management. By establishing Daya Medical Centre LLP, he emphasizes his dedication to healthcare, setting up hospitals and pharmacy chains to contribute to a healthier society. His influence reaches beyond borders with GO EC World FZC, a network of EV charging stations in the UAE. Jafar's influence spans various sectors. At Xteria Designs LLP, where he serves as an executive director, the focus is on distributing eco-friendly tiles and cladding materials. Under his guidance, Build Marketing Technologies PVT LTD is dedicated to sustainable building materials and construction. A.P. Jafar & Co, his foundational venture, lies at the core of his mission, concentrating on government contracts and hospitality.A P Jafar has received many awards, showing how much he has contributed to the business world. In 2018, he got the Young Entrepreneur Award from the Chamber of Commerce for his excellent leadership and creative business approach. In 2021, GOEC was recognized as the Best Firm in the Green Energy Project, proving the company's dedication to eco-friendly practices and taking care of the environment. Madhu Bhaskaran has been a pivotal figure in Jafar's journey, going beyond the role of a motivational speaker to contribute practical systems to Jafar's businesses. Bhaskaran not only inspires but provides tangible strategies for turning dreams into reality. His influence and guidance have proven invaluable in shaping Jafar's vision. Jafar's ambitious plan involves expanding to 10 countries, providing green energy to 10 lakh households within the next five years, and ultimately aiming for one crore vehicles powered entirely by green energy. The remarkable transformation from an employee to a visionary entrepreneur defines Jafar's journey. While as an employee, he earned for himself, as an entrepreneur, he now possesses the ability to uplift and support countless others. Jafar's diverse business ventures, coupled with his unwavering commitment to renewable energy, green farming, and sustainable infrastructure, have significantly transformed the landscape of eco-friendly initiatives in India and beyond.

Inauguration Of The First GOEC EV Charging Station

In April 2023, GOEC celebrated a big achievement by opening its first electric vehicle (EV) charging station at Lulu Mall. This move is a major step for a cleaner and greener future. The station not only provides a place to charge your EV but also lets you shop while your vehicle charges, making it a great win for GOEC and its customers.

Most Promising EV Charging Network In India

Recognizing GOEC as the Most Promising EV Charging Network in India was a moment of pride for its Founder, A P Jafar. Receiving the award from Minister Shri Ramdas Athawale, Dr. BU Abdulla, and Padma Shree Sonu Nigam marked a significant milestone. This accomplishment serves as validation that GOEC is on the right track.

Sharing his journey of GOEC with Turning Point

In a YouTube video of Turning Point, A P Jafar shared the story of GOEC along with P G Ramnath, Co-founder of GOEC. This video is a treasure trove of insights, covering everything from the company's modest beginnings to the driving force that led to its creation.